22 January 2016 Improved image reconstruction of low-resolution multichannel phase contrast angiography
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In low-resolution phase contrast magnetic resonance angiography, the maximum intensity projected channel images will be blurred with consequent loss of vascular details. The channel images are enhanced using a stabilized deblurring filter, applied to each channel prior to combining the individual channel images. The stabilized deblurring is obtained by the addition of a nonlocal regularization term to the reverse heat equation, referred to as nonlocally stabilized reverse diffusion filter. Unlike reverse diffusion filter, which is highly unstable and blows up noise, nonlocal stabilization enhances intensity projected parallel images uniformly. Application to multichannel vessel enhancement is illustrated using both volunteer data and simulated multichannel angiograms. Robustness of the filter applied to volunteer datasets is shown using statistically validated improvement in flow quantification. Improved performance in terms of preserving vascular structures and phased array reconstruction in both simulated and real data is demonstrated using structureness measure and contrast ratio.
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Akshara P. Krishnan, Akshara P. Krishnan, Ajin Joy, Ajin Joy, Joseph Suresh Paul, Joseph Suresh Paul, } "Improved image reconstruction of low-resolution multichannel phase contrast angiography," Journal of Medical Imaging 3(1), 014001 (22 January 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JMI.3.1.014001 . Submission:

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