14 June 2016 Optimization-based interactive segmentation interface for multiregion problems
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Interactive segmentation is becoming of increasing interest to the medical imaging community in that it combines the positive aspects of both manual and automated segmentation. However, general-purpose tools have been lacking in terms of segmenting multiple regions simultaneously with a high degree of coupling between groups of labels. Hierarchical max-flow segmentation has taken advantage of this coupling for individual applications, but until recently, these algorithms were constrained to a particular hierarchy and could not be considered general-purpose. In a generalized form, the hierarchy for any given segmentation problem is specified in run-time, allowing different hierarchies to be quickly explored. We present an interactive segmentation interface, which uses generalized hierarchical max-flow for optimization-based multiregion segmentation guided by user-defined seeds. Applications in cardiac and neonatal brain segmentation are given as example applications of its generality.
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John S. H. Baxter, Martin Rajchl, Terry M. Peters, and Elvis C. S. Chen "Optimization-based interactive segmentation interface for multiregion problems," Journal of Medical Imaging 3(2), 024003 (14 June 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JMI.3.2.024003
Published: 14 June 2016

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