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3 June 2020 Computer animation body surface analysis of total skin electron radiation therapy dose homogeneity via Cherenkov imaging
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Purpose: Quality assurance (QA) of dose homogeneity in total skin electron therapy (TSET) is challenging since each patient is positioned in six standing poses with two beam angles. Our study tested the feasibility of a unique approach for TSET QA through computational display of the cumulative dose, constructed and synthesized by computer animation methods.

Approach: Dose distributions from Cherenkov emission images were projected onto a scanned 3D body model. Topographically mapped surfaces of the patient were recorded in each of six different delivery positions, while a Cherenkov camera acquired images. Computer animation methods allowed a fitted 3D human body model of the patient to be created with deformation of the limbs and torso to each position. A two-dimensional skin map was extracted from the 3D model of the full surface of the patient. This allowed the dose mapping to be additively accumulated independent of body position, with the total dose summed in a 2D map and reinterpreted on the 3D body display.

Results: For the body model, the mean Hausdorff error distance was below 2 cm, setting the spatial accuracy limit. The dose distribution over the patient’s 3D model generally matched the Cherenkov/dose images. The dose distribution mapping was estimated to be near 1.5 cm accuracy based upon a phantom study. The body model must most closely match at the edges of the mesh to ensure that high dose gradients are not projected onto the wrong location. Otherwise 2 to 3 cm level errors in positioning in the mesh do not appear to cause larger than 5% dose errors. The cumulative dose images showed regions of overlap laterally and regions of low intensity in the posterior arms.

Conclusions: The proposed modeling and animation can be used to visualize and analyze the accumulated dose in TSET via display of the summed dose/Cherenkov images on a single body surface.

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Tianshun Miao, Heather Petroccia, Yunhe Xie, Michael Jermyn, Maxine Perroni-Scharf, Namit Kapoor, James M. Mahoney, Timothy C. Zhu, Petr Bruza, Benjamin B. Williams, David J. Gladstone, and Brian W. Pogue "Computer animation body surface analysis of total skin electron radiation therapy dose homogeneity via Cherenkov imaging," Journal of Medical Imaging 7(3), 034002 (3 June 2020).
Received: 20 December 2019; Accepted: 19 May 2020; Published: 3 June 2020

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