29 May 2012 Laser-produced plasma-based extreme-ultraviolet light source technology for high-volume manufacturing extreme-ultraviolet lithography
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Since 2002, we have been developing a CO2-Sn-laser plasma produced (LPP) extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) light source, the most promising solution as the 13.5-nm high-power (>200 W) light source for high-volume manufacturing (HVM) EUV lithography. Because of its high efficiency, power scalability, and spatial freedom around plasma, we believe that the CO2-Sn-LPP scheme is the most feasible candidate as the light source for EUVL. By now, our group has proposed several unique original technologies, such as CO2 laser-driven Sn plasma generation, double-laser pulse shooting for higher Sn ionization rate and higher CE, Sn debris mitigation with a magnetic field, and a hybrid CO2 laser system that is a combination of a short-pulse oscillator and commercial cw-CO2 amplifiers. The theoretical and experimental data have clearly demonstrated the advantage of combining a laser beam at a wavelength of the CO2 laser system with Sn plasma to achieve high CE from driver laser pulse energy to EUV in-band energy. We have the engineering data from our test tools, which include 20-W average clean power, CE = 2.5%, and 7 h of operating time; the maximum of 3.8% CE with a 20-μm droplet, 93% Sn ionization rate, and 98% Sn debris mitigation by a magnetic field. Based on these data, we are developing our first light source for HVM: "GL200E." The latest data and the overview of EUV light source for the HVM EUVL are reviewed in this paper.
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Junichi Fujimoto, Junichi Fujimoto, Hakaru Mizoguchi, Hakaru Mizoguchi, Tamotsu Abe, Tamotsu Abe, Satoshi Tanaka, Satoshi Tanaka, Takeshi Ohta, Takeshi Ohta, Tsukasa Hori, Tsukasa Hori, Tatsuya Yanagida, Tatsuya Yanagida, Hiroaki Nakarai, Hiroaki Nakarai, } "Laser-produced plasma-based extreme-ultraviolet light source technology for high-volume manufacturing extreme-ultraviolet lithography," Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS 11(2), 021111 (29 May 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JMM.11.2.021111 . Submission:


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