5 August 2014 In Praise of the Null Result
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As I discussed in my last editorial,1 there are four criteria for judging whether a paper should be published in a given scientific journal: 1) does the paper’s content match the scope of the journal; 2) is the quality of the work and writing sufficiently high; 3) is there something novel being presented; and 4) is the paper sufficiently significant. This last criterion, paper significance, is a tricky one since significance lies in the mind of the reader. Still, editors and reviewers must do their best to judge both how important the problem being addressed by the work is, and how big of an advance over the prior literature this work represents.
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Chris A. Mack, Chris A. Mack, } "In Praise of the Null Result," Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS 13(3), 030101 (5 August 2014). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JMM.13.3.030101 . Submission:

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