1 October 2005 Novel intercore-cladding lithium niobate thin film coated MOEMS fiber sensor/modulator
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A MOEMS fiber modulator/sensor is fabricated by depositing a lithium niobate sol-gel thin film between the core and cladding of a fiber preform. The preform is then drawn into 125-µm fibers. Such a MOEMS modulator design is expected to enhance existing lithium niobate undersea acousto-optic sound wave detectors. In our proposed version, the lithium niobate thin film alters the ordinary silica core/cladding boundary conditions such that, when a stress or strain is applied to the fiber, the core light confinement factor changes, leading to modulation of fiber light transmission. Test results of the lithium niobate embedded fiber with a 1550-nm, 4-mW laser source revealed a reduction in light transmission with applied tension. As a comparison, using the same laser source, an ordinary silica core/cladding fiber did not exhibit any reduction in transmitted light when the same strain was applied. Further experimental work and theoretical analysis is ongoing.
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Tracee L. Jamison, Tracee L. Jamison, Philipp G. Kornreich, Philipp G. Kornreich, Chung Yu, Chung Yu, } "Novel intercore-cladding lithium niobate thin film coated MOEMS fiber sensor/modulator," Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS 4(4), 041302 (1 October 2005). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.2114667 . Submission:

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