1 April 2006 Integrated cantilever development for ultrasonic and acoustic scanning probe microscopy
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Although conventional optical lever technology typically used for scanning probe microscope applications has proven high sensitivity, accuracy, and is cost effective for most applications involving micromachined cantilever deflection measurements, the frequency limitations and space needs limit its applicability to emerging ultrasonic-based scanning probe microscopy (SPM) applications. Recently, the fabrication of cantilevers integrated with actuation and sensing components has opened avenues for feedback-based driving of micromachined cantilevers at higher order resonance frequencies, while sensing average deflection without the need of an optical deflection pathway for average deflection sensing. The work presented here reviews recent efforts by our group in fabricating micromachined cantilevers with integrated ZnO actuation layers to induce cantilever deflection. These cantilevers are being fabricated for use in a heterodyne force microscopy system (HFM) to enable SPM imaging contrast based on viscoelastic response of a surface in contact with a micromachined tip, wherein active-feedback technology is being applied to maintain ultrasonic tip excitation at higher order cantilever resonances. The first- and second-pass fabrication results are presented and reviewed regarding cantilever release and ZnO actuator (and electrode) fabrication. Dynamic response data from these structures, measured via laser Doppler vibrometry, reveal the expected resonance structure for a cantilever of these dimensions.
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Stephen Olson, Balasubramanian Sankaran, Bruce Altemus, Robert E. Geer, James Castracane, Bai Xu, "Integrated cantilever development for ultrasonic and acoustic scanning probe microscopy," Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS 5(2), 021107 (1 April 2006). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.2200887 . Submission:

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