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1 October 2008 Low-friction large step-size micromotor driven by a scratch-drive actuator with bounceback mechanism
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This study presents a rotary micromotor with low-friction and large-step displacement driven by a scratch drive actuator (SDA) with bounceback driving mechanism. The present SDA device has a shorter plate and wider bushing compared to those of the existing SDA, resulting in a new electrostatic scratch-and-bounceback driving mechanism with larger stepping size. The new scratch-and-bounceback actuating mechanism markedly reduces the friction and damping effect between the SDA plate and the nitride insulator surface and eliminates effectively the sudden reverse rotation of SDA-based micro rotary motor. This investigation incorporated three design features (corners-rounded supporting-beam, flanged cover, and corrugated/ribbed/dimpled inside ring) into the structure of a SDA-based rotary micromotor to further decrease the rotating abrasion between the rotor inside ring and the cover, the anchor, and the inside rail. The bouncing SDA-based micromotors developed in this work (with 398 µm diam) were fabricated using the MEMSCAP® Poly-MUMPs process and achieved many improvements, including low friction, large stepping size (196 nm), small damping effect, and no sudden reverse rotation phenomenon (from dc to 25 kHz).
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I-Yu Huang, Guan-Ming Chen, and Yen-Chi Lee "Low-friction large step-size micromotor driven by a scratch-drive actuator with bounceback mechanism," Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS 7(4), 043026 (1 October 2008).
Published: 1 October 2008

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