28 September 2015 Fluid modeling for plasma-enhanced direct current chemical vapor deposition
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A self-consistent continuum (fluid) model for a direct current discharge used in a chemical vapor deposition system is developed. The model is built for a two-dimensional axisymmetric system and incorporates an electron energy balance for low-pressure Ar gas. The underlying physics of the fluid model is briefly discussed. The fluid and Poisson equations for plasma species are used as the model background. The plasma species considered in the model include electrons, Ar+ ions, and Ar atoms in ground and excited states. Nine reactions between these species are taken into account, including surface reactions. The densities of various plasma species as well as the relative contributions of generation and annihilation processes for electrons, ions, and atoms are calculated. The concentrations for electrons and Ar+ ions on the order of 1020  m3 are obtained for the plasma in the computer simulations.
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Rinat R. Ismagilov, Rinat R. Ismagilov, Ildar R. Khamidullin, Ildar R. Khamidullin, Victor I. Kleshch, Victor I. Kleshch, Sergei A. Malykhin, Sergei A. Malykhin, Andrey M. Alexeev, Andrey M. Alexeev, Alexander N. Obraztsov, Alexander N. Obraztsov, } "Fluid modeling for plasma-enhanced direct current chemical vapor deposition," Journal of Nanophotonics 10(1), 012503 (28 September 2015). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JNP.10.012503 . Submission:

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