2 March 2016 Sensitization of photoprocesses in colloidal Ag2S quantum dots by dye molecules
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The effect of photosensitization of IR luminescence excitation (1205 nm) of colloidal Ag2S quantum dots (QDs) with average size of 2.5±0.6  nm in gelatin at 600 to 660 nm by molecules of 3,3’-di-(γ-sulfopropyl)-4,4’,5,5’-dibenzo-9-ethylthiacarbocyanine betaine pyridinium salt (Dye1) and thionine dye (Dye2) was registered. Cis-J-aggregates of Dye1 and cations monomer of Dye2 conjugated with Ag2S QDs take part in this process. The photosensitization of luminescence excitation of colloidal Ag2S QDs was interpreted by resonance nonradiation transfer of electronic excitation energy from cis-J-aggregates of Dye1 and cations of Dye2 to centers of recombination luminescence of Ag2S QDs.
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Oleg V. Ovchinnikov, Oleg V. Ovchinnikov, Tamara S. Kondratenko, Tamara S. Kondratenko, Irina G. Grevtseva, Irina G. Grevtseva, Mikhail S. Smirnov, Mikhail S. Smirnov, Sergey I. Pokutnyi, Sergey I. Pokutnyi, } "Sensitization of photoprocesses in colloidal Ag2S quantum dots by dye molecules," Journal of Nanophotonics 10(3), 033505 (2 March 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JNP.10.033505 . Submission:

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