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1 April 2009 Silicon nanophotonic devices for integrated sensing
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The potentials of a nanophotonic platform, including compactness, low power consumption, integrability with other functionalities, and high sensitivity make them a suitable candidate for sensing applications. Strong light-matter interaction in such a platform enables a variety of sensing mechanisms, including refractive index change, fluorescence emission, and Raman scattering. Recent advances in nanophotonic devices include the demonstration of silicon and silicon-nitride microdisk resonators with high intrinsic Q values (0.5-2×106) for strong field enhancement and the realization of compact photonic crystal spectrometers (high spectral resolution at 100-μm length scales) for on-chip spectral analysis. These two basic building blocks, when combined with integrated fluidic channels for sample delivery, provide an efficient platform to implement different sensing mechanisms and architectures.
Babak Momeni, Siva Yegnanarayanan, Mohammad Soltani, Ali Asghar Eftekhar, Ehsan Shah Hosseini, and Ali Adibi "Silicon nanophotonic devices for integrated sensing," Journal of Nanophotonics 3(1), 031001 (1 April 2009).
Published: 1 April 2009

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