1 October 2009 Selective growth of InAs quantum dots on SiO2-masked GaAs
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We investigated on the growth, by molecular beam epitaxy, of InAs quantum dots on nanoscale areas of the GaAs(001) surface defined by an e-beam lithographed SiO2 mask. The selective self-assembling of the InAs dots inside the holes of the mask was obtained by a suitable choice of the growth parameters and of the pattern size. Photoluminescence from the spatially confined dots showed a blue-shifted emission but a radiative decay comparable to that of dots nucleated on the extended GaAs surface.
Fabrizio Arciprete, Ernesto Placidi, Fulvia Patella, Massimo Fanfoni, Adalberto Balzarotti, Anna Vinattieri, L. Cavigli, M. Abbarchi, Massimo Gurioli, Lamberto Lunghi, Annamaria Gerardino, "Selective growth of InAs quantum dots on SiO2-masked GaAs," Journal of Nanophotonics 3(1), 031995 (1 October 2009). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.3266494 . Submission:

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