20 June 2012 Single-particle studies of the plasmonic fluorescence in gold nanocubes
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Fluorescence of gold nanocubes is investigated down to the single-particle level using time-correlated single photon (SP) counting techniques with a combined confocal and atomic force microscopy system. In comparison with most fluorophores, gold nanocubes exhibit nonblinking and nonbleaching behavior at ambient environment with much faster fluorescence decay. Also, the photon statistics of single gold nanocubes follows a Poissonian distribution, unlike the SP emission characteristics of single semiconducting quantum dots. Therefore, from the single-particle perspective, the fluorescence of gold nanocubes is attributed to the radiative emission from excited localized surface plasmons.
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Jane Huang, Jane Huang, Pyng Yu, Pyng Yu, Chi-Tsu Yuan, Chi-Tsu Yuan, Hsien-Chen Ko, Hsien-Chen Ko, Jau Tang, Jau Tang, Tao-Shih Hsieh, Tao-Shih Hsieh, } "Single-particle studies of the plasmonic fluorescence in gold nanocubes," Journal of Nanophotonics 6(1), 069502 (20 June 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JNP.6.069502 . Submission:

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