12 March 2012 Charge separation dynamics at inorganic/organic nanostructured hybrid photovoltaic interfaces
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A new Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) concept for a multichromophoric organic sensitizer in a dye-sensitized solar cell is presented based on a phenyl base body that accommodates the separately linked donor and acceptor moieties. The whole assembly is attached to the surface of a ZnO nanorod electrode via a carboxylic anchor group. FRET activity was demonstrated with UV-VIS measurements, and the charge separation dynamics at the inorganic/organic interface were analyzed with fs transient absorption and terahertz pump/probe for the precursors and fully assembled FRET units.
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Rainer Eichberger, Rainer Eichberger, Christian Strothkaemper, Christian Strothkaemper, Inara Thomas, Inara Thomas, Thomas Hannappel, Thomas Hannappel, Klaus Schwarzburg, Klaus Schwarzburg, Andreas F. Bartelt, Andreas F. Bartelt, Robert Schuetz, Robert Schuetz, Carlo Fasting, Carlo Fasting, } "Charge separation dynamics at inorganic/organic nanostructured hybrid photovoltaic interfaces," Journal of Photonics for Energy 2(1), 021003 (12 March 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JPE.2.021003 . Submission:

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