2 March 2012 Highly efficient white organic light-emitting device using a single emitter
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White organic light-emitting devices (WOLEDs) can be fabricated using a simple, low-cost device structure with a single uniformly doped emissive layer. The Pt-17 emitter used in these devices obtains excellent color rendering (CRI = 80) as well as bright white electrophosphoresence (CIE x = 0.37, y = 0.40) by combining efficient monomer and efficient excimer emission as demonstrated by excellent external quantum efficiency (ηext = 15.9%). The Pt-17 based WOLED is also compatible with state-of-the-art charge injection and blocking materials as well as high out-coupling device structures. Application of these existing technologies is expected to extend luminance efficiencies of Pt-17 devices to world-class values (46  lm/?startWend? and 100  lm/?startWend? respectively). In addition to avoiding the difficulty and cost of fabricating more complex device structures, the color of a single-doped device also is uniquely independent of voltage, current density, and age. Molecules like fluorine-free Pt-17 are uniquely positioned to utilize excimer emissions in order to reduce manufacturing costs and provide solutions to satisfy many of the requirements for the next generation of organic solid-state lighting.
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Nathan Bakken, Nathan Bakken, Zixing Wang, Zixing Wang, Jian Li, Jian Li, } "Highly efficient white organic light-emitting device using a single emitter," Journal of Photonics for Energy 2(1), 021203 (2 March 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JPE.2.021203 . Submission:

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