26 September 2013 Photo-induced electron transfer between a dendritic zinc(II) phthalocyanine and methyl viologen
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The intermolecular electron transfer between the carboxylic dendritic zinc(II) phthalocyanines [G 1 -ZnPc(COOH) 8 and G 2 -ZnPc(COOH) 16 ] and methyl viologen (MV 2+ ) is studied by steady-state fluorescence and UV/Vis absorption spectroscopic method. The effect of dendron generation of this series of dendritic phthalocyanines on intermolecular electron transfer is investigated. The results show that the fluorescence emission of these dendritic phthalocyanines could be greatly quenched by MV 2+ upon excitation at 610 nm. The Stern–Volmer constant (K SV ) of electron transfer is decreased with increasing dendron generations. Our study suggests that these dendritic phthalocyanines are an effective new electron donor and transmission complex and could be used as a potential artificial photosynthesis system.
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Yuhua Wang, Yuhua Wang, Jiangxu Chen, Jiangxu Chen, Lishan Huang, Lishan Huang, Shusen Xie, Shusen Xie, Hongqin Yang, Hongqin Yang, Yiru Peng, Yiru Peng, } "Photo-induced electron transfer between a dendritic zinc(II) phthalocyanine and methyl viologen," Journal of Photonics for Energy 3(1), 035099 (26 September 2013). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JPE.3.035099 . Submission:

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