16 December 2015 2,5-Dicarbazole-functioned siloles with aggregation-enhanced emission for application in organic light-emitting diodes
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2,3,4,5-Tetraarylsiloles are efficient solid-state luminescent materials with good electron-transporting ability. Substitution at the 2,5-positions of silole rings produce various outstanding functional materials that can be used as active layers in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). In this work, two 2,5-dicarbazole-substitued siloles, (2-Cz)2MTPS and (3-Cz)2MTPS, are facilely synthesized and fully characterized. Their thermal, photophysical, electrochemical, and electroluminescent properties are investigated systematically. The results show that these 2,5-dicarbazole-functined siloles are thermally stable and feature aggregation-enhanced emission characteristics with high solid-state photoluminescence efficiencies. Nondoped OLEDs [ITO/N,N'-di(1-naphthyl)-N,N'-diphenyl-benzidine (NPB) (60 nm)/emitter (20 nm)/TPBi (40 nm)/LiF (1 nm)/Al (100 nm)] fabricated by adopting (2-Cz)2MTPS and (3-Cz)2MTPS as light-emitting layers exhibit good performances, with high luminance of 28240  cd m−2 and electroluminescence efficiency of 4.5  cd A−1.
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Long Chen, Long Chen, Han Nie, Han Nie, Bin Chen, Bin Chen, Gengwei Lin, Gengwei Lin, Wenwen Luo, Wenwen Luo, Rongrong Hu, Rongrong Hu, Fei Huang, Fei Huang, Anjun Qin, Anjun Qin, Zujin Zhao, Zujin Zhao, Ben Zhong Tang, Ben Zhong Tang, } "2,5-Dicarbazole-functioned siloles with aggregation-enhanced emission for application in organic light-emitting diodes," Journal of Photonics for Energy 5(1), 053598 (16 December 2015). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JPE.5.053598 . Submission:

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