16 August 2016 Photocatalytic water oxidation with iron oxide hydroxide (rust) nanoparticles
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Hematite has attracted considerable interest as a photoanode material for water oxidation under visible illumination. Here, we explore the limits of photocatalytic water oxidation activity with iron (III) oxide hydroxide nanocrystals and NaIO 4 as a sacrificial electron acceptor ( E = 1.63    V NHE at pH = 0.5 ). The sol was prepared by hydrolysis of FeCl 3 in boiling 0.002-M HCl solution and confirmed to mainly consist of ß - FeO ( OH ) (akaganéite) particles with 5 to 15 nm diameter. From a 0.01 M aqueous NaIO 4 solution, the sol evolves between 4.5 and 35.2    μ mol O 2 h 1 , depending on pH, light intensity ( > 400    nm , 290 to 700    mW cm
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Timothy L. Shelton, Timothy L. Shelton, Bronwyn L. Bensema, Bronwyn L. Bensema, Nicholas K. Brune, Nicholas K. Brune, Christopher Wong, Christopher Wong, Max Yeh, Max Yeh, Frank E. Osterloh, Frank E. Osterloh, } "Photocatalytic water oxidation with iron oxide hydroxide (rust) nanoparticles," Journal of Photonics for Energy 7(1), 012003 (16 August 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JPE.7.012003 . Submission:

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