18 August 2016 Photocatalytic CO2 reduction by highly dispersed Cu sites on TiO2
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Two nanocomposite photocatalysts were synthesized by forming highly dispersed Cu sites on TiO 2 surfaces. The synthesized materials were characterized with microscopy, UV-visible, and infrared spectroscopy, and tested in photocatalytic CO 2 reduction. Computational modeling was conducted to elucidate the role of single Cu sites in promoting CO 2 reduction on TiO 2 . The nanocomposites demonstrated significantly higher activity than bare TiO 2 in photocatalysis, and the activity was found to be related to the chemical state of surface Cu + species. According to our modeling studies, the highly dispersed Cu sites likely contributed to the improved photocatalysis by stabilizing surface adsorption of CO 2 on TiO 2 . Our experimental and modeling studies further confirmed the direct involvement of surface Cu sites in CO generation via CO 2 reduction.
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Nathaniel Aaron Deskins, Chao Liu, Satish Kumar Iyemperumal, Gonghu Li, "Photocatalytic CO2 reduction by highly dispersed Cu sites on TiO2," Journal of Photonics for Energy 7(1), 012004 (18 August 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JPE.7.012004 . Submission:

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