21 August 2017 Broken-gap quantum-well tunnel junctions grown on GaSb substrates
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A tunnel junction has been developed with an application to multijunction solar cells grown on GaSb and analyzed using a combination of electrical device measurements and modeling. The device employs an InAs quantum well embedded in a GaSb p/n junction, exploiting the high tunnel probability at the broken-gap interface between p-type GaSb and n-type InAs and having a minimal impact on the transparency of the device. The concept is extended to wider bandgap heterointerfaces using Al0.2Ga0.8Sb, achieving a differential resistance of 4.08×10−4  Ω cm2.
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Matthew P. Lumb, Matthew P. Lumb, Shawn Mack, Shawn Mack, Maria Gonzalez, Maria Gonzalez, Kenneth J. Schmieder, Kenneth J. Schmieder, Mitchell F. Bennett, Mitchell F. Bennett, Chaffra A. Affouda, Chaffra A. Affouda, James E. Moore, James E. Moore, Robert J. Walters, Robert J. Walters, } "Broken-gap quantum-well tunnel junctions grown on GaSb substrates," Journal of Photonics for Energy 7(3), 032501 (21 August 2017). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JPE.7.032501 . Submission: Received: 24 March 2017; Accepted: 21 July 2017
Received: 24 March 2017; Accepted: 21 July 2017; Published: 21 August 2017

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