1 November 1962 `MOPTS' A Mobile Photographic Tracking System
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The MOPTS is a high accuracy, smooth, low-speed and high-speed mobile photographic tracking system which introduces new concepts in the development of guided range ground-instrumentation. The system was designed and developed by the American Machine and Foundry Company of Stamford, Conn., for the U. S. Naval Missile Center, Point Mugu, Calif, for use on the Pacific Missile Range. MOPTS is a mobile, astrodome-covered, two-axis mount which has a design goal of 20 seconds of arc accuracy with a low-speed capability of 10 seconds/second and a high-speed of 80 degrees/second, with acceleration of 120 degrees/second/second. This paper describes design characteristics of the system and covers the problems encountered in development of a high precision mount with a dynamic range in excess of 15,000: 1 as required for a high accuracy mobile mount such as MOPTS.
George P. Tyson, George P. Tyson, } "`MOPTS' A Mobile Photographic Tracking System," Optical Engineering 1(1), 010114 (1 November 1962). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971236 . Submission:

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