1 March 1963 High-Speed Photographic Studies of Dynamic Stresses in Low Modulus Photoelastic Materials
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In 1960, the Frankford Arsenal began a new program in dynamic photo-elasticity using low modulus photoelastic materials subjected to either mechanical or explosive loads. High-speed photographic techniques were used to obtain full-image dynamic stress patterns at approximately 7500 pictures per second and exposures of 1.3p sec. Recently, a special polariscope was designed for obtaining simultaneous views of a specimen at normal and oblique incidence. This paper reviews the techniques developed for this work, discusses the results of fundamental studies in stress distributions under dynamic conditions, and outlines future plans.
P. D. Flynn,, J. T. Gilbert,, A. A. Roll, "High-Speed Photographic Studies of Dynamic Stresses in Low Modulus Photoelastic Materials," Optical Engineering 1(3), 010375 (1 March 1963). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971257 . Submission:


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