1 May 1963 The Use of High Speed Cameras for Metric Photography
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This paper describes the use of 35mm Full Frame Fastax Cameras installed on a small missile range to aid in providing film data on missile displacement and velocity. The application of these cameras to metric photography posed many problems which include lack of resolution, time synchronization and insufficient field of view. In order to overcome these faults an array of twenty 35mm Fastax Cameras was installed in a line parallel to the flight path of an object and aligned by first order survey methods. The cameras along with strategically placed target boards provided information on object velocity, position and displacement.
Lincoln L. Endelman, Lincoln L. Endelman, } "The Use of High Speed Cameras for Metric Photography," Optical Engineering 1(4), 104128 (1 May 1963). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971248 . Submission:

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