1 July 1963 Automatic and Programmed Tracking Systems for Optical Instrumentation
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Instrumentation requirements of test programs involving rockets, rocket sleds, and other projectiles are often such that a capability of tracking the projectile with an optical system is highly desirable, both because of the economy of fewer cameras and equipment required for adequate coverage, and because of the more satisfactory data which can be obtained in this manner. Manual tracking of these projectiles is unsatisfactory and often im-practical due to the high accelerations and the fact that the duration of the tests is of the same order of time as the human reflex. Several proposed systems for automatic and programmed tracking utilizing both digital and analog techniques are discussed, and available results of tests of some of these systems are presented.
Robert G Scharrer, Robert G Scharrer, } "Automatic and Programmed Tracking Systems for Optical Instrumentation," Optical Engineering 1(5), 105151 (1 July 1963). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971249 . Submission:


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