1 April 1972 A Large Multiple Mirror Telescope (MMT) Project
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The University of Arizona and Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory are jointly undertaking the development of the concept of a multiple-mirror telescope for astronomical uses. The system consists of six 1.8-m-aperture cassegrainian telescopes combined to produce a common focal surface in the center of the telescope. The early form of the telescope will provide for automatic alignment of the six independent systems. The telescope will be constructed to facilitate later extension of the alignment subsystem to include aperture synthesis (phasing) by methods proposed by Meinel and Shannon. The light-gathering power of the combination is equal to a standard telescope of 180-in. aperture, but the construction will cost very much less. The mounting will be of the alt-azimuth type. The telescope will be located at an elevation of 8,600 ft at the SAO's Mt. Hopkins Observing Station near Tucson.
A. B. Meinel, A. B. Meinel, R. R. Shannon, R. R. Shannon, F. L. Whipple, F. L. Whipple, F. J. Low, F. J. Low, } "A Large Multiple Mirror Telescope (MMT) Project," Optical Engineering 11(2), 110233 (1 April 1972). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971604 . Submission:


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