1 December 1972 A High-Accuracy Digital Star Tracker for Advanced Planetary Missions
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The digital star tracker represents a novel departure from previous analog designs in terms of circuit implementation and operational capabilities. As an element of an all-digital spacecraft control system, it combines proven low-level analog signal processing with digital error control and command functions. Additional capabilities that are obtainable with the digital circuitry include programmable intensity threshold gates, commanded electronic pointing control, and an acquisition/control algorithm which minimizes the effects of straylight disturbances. The capabilities inherent in the implementation have been successfully demonstrated in a laboratory model of the instrument.
P. M. Salomon, W. E. Crawford, "A High-Accuracy Digital Star Tracker for Advanced Planetary Missions," Optical Engineering 11(6), 116119 (1 December 1972). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7975900 . Submission:

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