1 December 1972 A Low-Light-Level Objective Lens with Integral Laser Channel
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Optical Engineering, 11(6), 116127 (1972). doi:10.1117/12.7975901
A high performance, f/1.5 objective lens of 229 mm (9 inches) focal length has been designed and produced for use in a variety of military low light level systems. The latest version of this lens has an integral coaxial 10X beam expander for a 1.06//m laser beam. This allows the lens to be used in a laser rangefinder/target designator role as well as to produce an ambient light image of a 20° field of view for intensification in a direct-view periscope. In this paper, the configuration and optical performance of this new objective lens are described, and the means used to solve some of the unique problems associated with transmission of the laser beam are discussed.
P. R. Yoder, Jr., I. Friedman, "A Low-Light-Level Objective Lens with Integral Laser Channel," Optical Engineering 11(6), 116127 (1 December 1972). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7975901


Beam expanders

Laser development

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