1 December 1972 HF Laser Flow Visualization with an Infrared Television System
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This paper describes an infrared television system used for observing HF continuous chemical laser gas flows. The prime goal for these experiments was the flow visualization of the supersonic free jets provided by the IR HF emissions which were generated by the reaction of hydrogen and fluorine flowing out of selected nozzle configurations. The spatial flow patterns for three IF laser configurations were observed and monitored with this IR television system. The mechanical configuration, optics, and operating parameters associated with each configuration are discussed in this report. The uniformity of the laser medium and the properties of the jet are also described.
M. A. Kwok, E. F. Cross, "HF Laser Flow Visualization with an Infrared Television System," Optical Engineering 11(6), 116131 (1 December 1972). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7975902 . Submission:
-130 PAGES

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