1 April 1973 Color or Multispectral Laser Recording on Black and White Film
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Color-encoded images can be recorded on black-and-white film through the use of synthetically generated diffraction gratings. This technique has applications in the display and interpretation of multispectral information generated by airborne or spaceborne line scan sensors and color scanners in facsimile systems. A color facsimile system based on this principle has been implemented using a white light color transparency scanner and a laser beam recorder. In system tests, good color recognition, 20-line pair/millimeter resolution, and 7, grey level steps have been achieved.
Stephen L. Corsover, "Color or Multispectral Laser Recording on Black and White Film," Optical Engineering 12(2), 120260 (1 April 1973). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971631 . Submission:


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