1 April 1973 Scanning with Integrated Optics
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Integrated optical circuits formed from thin dielectric films on a substrate offer the potential for scanners and recorders which are free of the limitations in spinner dynamics or in electron focusing which, at present, curtail the applicability of contemporary scanners in future high bandwidth systems. The integrated optical circuits operate as optical waveguides and couplers. Transmission through one guide and coupling (transition) to the adjacent guide are each low loss processes. An integrated assembly can be made in which the guides and couplers are so located and so equipped with electrodes that an electrically controllable switching tree is formed. Such a tree is able to commutate among 2n output ports, where n is the number of logic levels. The scanning among the output ports of the tree is inertialess and has a rate determined by the frequency of the pumping of the last logic level. Lasser film recorders are seen as devices which will emerge early from integrated optics technology.
John F. Cunniff, John F. Cunniff, } "Scanning with Integrated Optics," Optical Engineering 12(2), 120270 (1 April 1973). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971633 . Submission:

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