1 August 1973 A Modified Jamin Interferometer
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A modified Jamin interferometer has been designed and fabricated to measure very small differences in nearly identical liquids. Instead of an extended source of light, a collimated beam of light is used and the end plates of the instrument are intentionally made wedge shaped. By allowing half of the light beam to pass above the liquids, it is possible to obtain a fiduciary system of fringes thereby obtaining the advantage of the Rayleigh refractometer. In other respects it has been found to be superior to a Rayleigh refractometer.
M. V.R.K Murty, R. P. Shukla, "A Modified Jamin Interferometer," Optical Engineering 12(4), 124121 (1 August 1973). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971643 . Submission:

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