1 August 1973 Point-Source Artifacts in Fresnel Zone Plate Imaging
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When a Fresnel zone plate is used as a coded aperture to image large-area sources of X-rays or gamma rays, it is necessary to use a half-tone screen. It is shown here that small-area sources, with such a system, will always produce strong ghost images or artifacts.
D. T. Wilson, D. T. Wilson, H. H. Barrett, H. H. Barrett, G. T. Demeester, G. T. Demeester, M. H. Farmelant, M. H. Farmelant, } "Point-Source Artifacts in Fresnel Zone Plate Imaging," Optical Engineering 12(4), 124133 (1 August 1973). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971646 . Submission:


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