1 June 1974 A Hybrid Image Processor
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A hybrid optical/digital image processor is described. The optical portion consists of a real-time two-dimensional electron-beam-addressed KD2PO4 input transducer and a conventional optical data processing system. The Fourier and correlation planes of the optical processor are digitized and analyzed in real-time by a unique digital interface. The system is interfaced to a PDP-1 1 /15 minicomputer and associated storage and display peripherals. Following a brief system description and survey of spatial light modulators, examples of the system's performance and the use of digital computer feedback control of the optical processor in several application areas are presented.
David Casasent, David Casasent, } "A Hybrid Image Processor," Optical Engineering 13(3), 133228 (1 June 1974). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971699 . Submission:

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