1 August 1974 High Performance, Wide Bandwidth (Hg, Cd)Te Detectors
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The frequency dependence of responsivity and detector noise for (Hg,Cd)Te detectors operating in the 8-14 pm region at 77°K was investigated. The results showed that these quantities have the same frequency dependence and corner frequency. Values of f* were thus experimentally determined and found to be >10 MHz for detectors that have D*X - 5 X 1010 cm Hz% Watt-1. The results are shown to be consistent with a simple photoconductive theory based on the assumption of equal lifetimes for holes and electrons.
V. J. Mazurczyk, V. J. Mazurczyk, R. N. Graney, R. N. Graney, J. B. McCullough, J. B. McCullough, } "High Performance, Wide Bandwidth (Hg, Cd)Te Detectors," Optical Engineering 13(4), 134307 (1 August 1974). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971711 . Submission:

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