1 August 1974 Fixation Point Measurement by the Oculometer Technique
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In this paper, we describe an Oculometer which is an electro-optical device that measures eye direction (and fixation point coordinates) without attachment to, or clamping of, the subject. By virtue of its special optical characteristics, the same basic system can be configured for operation very close to the subject, as in a head mounted system, and also at a distance of several feet or more from the subject. The basic signal processing operation is the same for all configurations, and is performed by a standard minicomputer. It is also shown that additional signal processing, as required in certain configurations and applications, can be added as a separate software module to the general Oculometer software.
John Merchant, "Fixation Point Measurement by the Oculometer Technique," Optical Engineering 13(4), 134339 (1 August 1974). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971718 . Submission:

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