1 October 1974 Holographic Data Storage and Retrieval
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Holographic techniques offer practical methods of creating automated, computer-controlled, mass storage systems for recording and retrieving cartographic and mapping information. Graphs, overlays, pictures, maps, multispectral data, etc., can be stored at high density in either digital or analog form or both on light-sensitive, nonmagnetically alterable media. Whereas conventional micrographic techniques can be used to reduce the volume of images stored using demagnification factors of 16 to 100 times or more, these techniques are limited in practice by requirements to maintain document resolution and by necessary depth of focus considerations.
R. H. Nelson, R. H. Nelson, A. Vander Lugt, A. Vander Lugt, R. G. Zech, R. G. Zech, } "Holographic Data Storage and Retrieval," Optical Engineering 13(5), 135429 (1 October 1974). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971743 . Submission:

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