1 April 1975 Standards for Imaging Performance
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The six papers that comprise the technical meat of this OTF section were presented originally at SPIE seminars, and will appear in the Proceedings volumes for those meetings. The papers by Kuttner, Marchant, Ose and Murata, Macdonald, and van Leunen were given at the SPIE-OSA seminar Image Assessment and Specification held in Rochester, New York in May 1974; the paper by Price is from the Effective Systems Integration and Optical Design seminar held at the SPIE annual meeting in San Diego, August 1974. They are here collected and reprinted in archival form, to embody a theme -standardization of objective measures of imaging performance. At least I would like to consider that a statement of the theme; but each author speaks for his own viewpoint.
David Dutton, David Dutton, } "Standards for Imaging Performance," Optical Engineering 14(2), 142149 (1 April 1975). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7978746 . Submission:

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