1 April 1975 ANSI, OTF Standard, Task Force, and You
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American National Standards Institute committee PH3, Photographic Apparatus, has a task force group at work on a proposed draft standard for OTF. In order to prepare a standard useful to you on this complex and controversial subject, your task force is presently working on a three-part standard roughly falling into Theory, Methods, and Practice. It will be capable of quick updating using addenda covering, for example, such varied material as Procedures, Form for Presentation of Data, Recommended Practices, Standard Reference Lens(es) and Templates for Calibration, Maintenance, and Correlation of Equipment and Results, etc. The first part, Theory, has been completed by David Dutton. At this stage of the work your task force encourages and invites your comments on the approach; welcomes ideas and workers; solicits material; wants your input. It is not too late . . . you can contribute. More on OTF. At the SPIE seminar on Image Assessment and Specification, Rochester, New York, May 1974, an ad hoc committee of 15 participants concerned with OTF standards spontaneously formed to coordinate activity and interchange information. Members are from England, Japan, West Germany, Holland, and the United States. It is our hope that we will be better informed and prepare useful standards by this cooperative effort.
David C. Gilkeson, "ANSI, OTF Standard, Task Force, and You," Optical Engineering 14(2), 142150 (1 April 1975). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7978747 . Submission:


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