1 June 1975 Parallax Measurement Using Coherent Optics
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We have used coherent optical data processing techniques to measure parallax in stereo aerial photographs. This is accomplished by cross-correlating one aerial photograph with a small region in another photograph. Experiments were performed on a breadboard system which was used both for making matched spatial filters (Fourier transform holograms) and for measuring parallax. This system has a 100-mm x 100-mm useful aperture which is scanned by a telecentric beam steering device controlled by a minicomputer. Parallax data obtained from this system proved to be in good agreement with similar data produced by an operational electronic stereo-compilation system. These experimental results and certain inherent advantages discussed in the paper lead us to conclude that coherent optical techniques may provide the basis for a fast, cost-effective automatic stereo-compilation system.
Fred B. Rotz, Fred B. Rotz, } "Parallax Measurement Using Coherent Optics," Optical Engineering 14(3), 143226 (1 June 1975). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971872 . Submission:


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