1 June 1975 A Portable Instrument for Measuring Apparent Directional Reflectance
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A portable battery-powered spectroradiometer has been constructed for the measurement of the apparent directional reflectance of natural targets. A silicon detector that is tripod mounted and positioned to monitor a horizontally oriented reference panel determines the target irradiance. A second detector for measurement of target radiance is mounted on the tripod swivel head. Electronic switching provides alter-nate detector references for the determination of apparent directional reflectance. Snap-on interference filters allow measurement in desired spectral bands. Equipment calibration procedures are discussed and typical experimental radiation data are given.
R. E. Oliver, R. E. Oliver, J. K. Berry, J. K. Berry, J. A. Smith, J. A. Smith, } "A Portable Instrument for Measuring Apparent Directional Reflectance," Optical Engineering 14(3), 143244 (1 June 1975). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971876 . Submission:

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