1 June 1975 High-Frequency Moire Fringe Interpolation Using Electro-Optic Crystals
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A novel and promising technique for moire fringe interpolation using an electro-optic polarization rotator is described and the results of an initial feasibility study are presented. The possibility of very high-frequency operation using electro-optic crystals should permit high accuracy positional measurements on mechanical components moving with appreciable velocities. Resolution of displacements of 0.1 um was achieved with the best system. The main disadvantage of the electro-optic system is the sensitivity to temperature changes and mechanical misalignment.
O. C. Jones, O. C. Jones, C. Forno, C. Forno, } "High-Frequency Moire Fringe Interpolation Using Electro-Optic Crystals," Optical Engineering 14(3), 143259 (1 June 1975). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971880 . Submission:

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