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This being the first of a series of articles, I felt that it would be best to give the reader.an over-view of the topics with which I will deal. The concept of "vision" is a vastly complicated domain, involving the researcher, the clinician, and the manufacturer. There have been, in the past, the imposition of specific titles that served to distinguish facets of the examination and correction of vision. These names are Op-tometry, Ophthalmology, Opticianry, Optical Fabrication, and Eye Research. Even the word optician has to be subdivided into the fabricating optician who makes the eyewear, the dispensing optician who works with the public in fitting, adjusting, and selling of eye glasses, and in Great Britain there is the refracting optician who is comparable to the American optometrist. The present state of affairs shows that this division is in transition and the imposed barriers which dictated the responsi bility for a particular visual examination or visual-aid fabrication are changing.
William M. Rosenblum, "Forum," Optical Engineering 14(3), 143266 (1 June 1975). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971883 . Submission:


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