1 August 1975 Backscatter Reduction for Artificially Illuminated In-Water Camera Systems
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In order to optimize the lighting geometry of deep-sea camera systems, theoretical expressions have been developed for determining the loss of contrast due to backscatter. These expressions indicate that significant gains in area coverage result from increasing light-camera separation up to distances on the order of 10 m. This large a lateral separation is not practical for a towed system, so the LIght BEhind Camera technique was used. Field tests indicate that the LIBEC sys-tem has a better than 2 : 1 range advantage over the previously used equipment which had a 1 m lateral separation.
R. B. Patterson, "Backscatter Reduction for Artificially Illuminated In-Water Camera Systems," Optical Engineering 14(4), 144357 (1 August 1975). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971845 . Submission:

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