1 August 1975 Design and Testing of a Pneumatic Focus Servo for a High-Speed Microdensitometer
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The capability of high-resolution microdensitometers is cur-rently limited by the inability to focus accurately and to maintain focus under dynamic conditions. This paper describes a device for establishing and maintaining submicrometer focus tolerances under dynamic operating conditions that would normally result in gross defocus. The device utilizes pneumatic operating principles in a closed-loop feedback system. The precision and repeatability of establishing the focal position is such as to virtually eliminate the need for visually obtaining best focus. The manual through-focus positioning traditionally done by the operator is eliminated. The focus position is established through a gauge indicator needle that is positioned in submicrometer increments from slightly above the target surface to 20 micrometers below. The system is capable of dynamically maintaining focus over a range of more than 150 gym, and it can accommodate object thick-nesses of up to 1/4 inch. Since the pneumatic servo system employs an air nozzle, it not only provides automatic focusing, but also a film hold-down method that was determined to be the best of a number of possible candidates.
David J. Cronin, David J. Cronin, Anthony F. Mirabito, Anthony F. Mirabito, Jerome S. Pepi, Jerome S. Pepi, } "Design and Testing of a Pneumatic Focus Servo for a High-Speed Microdensitometer," Optical Engineering 14(4), 144366 (1 August 1975). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971846 . Submission:

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