1 October 1975 Optical Image Subtraction
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There are several methods for optically subtracting one image from another in order to detect differences between scenes or between photographs of scenes. There are many applications for such a technology, including earth resource studies, meteorology, automatic surveillance and/or inspection, pattern recognition, urban growth studies, and bandwidth compression. This paper presents an overview of several techniques for obtaining optical image subtraction, including holographic, interferometric, coding, and positive-negative superposition methods. As part of this review, a table is presented summa-rizing and comparing the characteristics of more than twenty-five approaches. An extensive bibliography is also given.
John F. Ebersole, John F. Ebersole, } "Optical Image Subtraction," Optical Engineering 14(5), 145436 (1 October 1975). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971809 . Submission:

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