1 October 1975 A Review of Speckle Photography and Interferometry
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Since its discovery in 1969, speckle interferometry has be-come a very active area of research, so much so that there now exists quite a collection of techniques that are applicable to a wide variety of problems. Because of the surprising versatility offered by such a wide range of techniques, the potential user of such technology may become con-fused as to what can and cannot be done, and, further, what process is suitable for what task. This review is provided, therefore, to set the various techniques into context, point out their similarities, and delineate their differences.
Karl A. Stetson, Karl A. Stetson, } "A Review of Speckle Photography and Interferometry," Optical Engineering 14(5), 145482 (1 October 1975). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971814 . Submission:

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