1 December 1975 Asymptote Analysis of a Large Optical System
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In a feasibility study the system analyst must assimilate many conflicting mission goals before selecting preliminary parameter values. If the analyst uses a computer to handle the data he may lose sight of some important interrelationships. It is therefore often preferable to keep to a paper-and-pencil level in the preliminary stages of a system design. In this paper such a level of analysis is developed for relating spatial and radiometric resolution to aperture and f/number in a large optical system. This "asymptote analysis" has been applied in a recent study of NASA's SEOS/LEST concept.
John Bisbee, John Bisbee, } "Asymptote Analysis of a Large Optical System," Optical Engineering 14(6), 146536 (1 December 1975). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971789 . Submission:

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