1 February 1976 Integrated Optics Devices Utilizing Thick Phase Gratings
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Thick phase gratings have a variety of possible uses as device components in integrated optical systems. The applications make use of one or more of the unique properties of these gratings: high diffraction efficiency, good angular selectivity, and straightforward fabrication. In planar waveguides, the diffraction efficiency and angular selectivity desired for a particular application determine the length of the grating along the waveguide surface. We have holographically recorded 2 mm gratings having peak diffraction efficiencies in excess of 50% and angular selectivities less than 2 mrad by intersecting guided waves in a sample of photorefractive LiNbO3. Such gratings provide the central element in a number of actual and contemplated waveguide devices, including mirrors, beam splitters, lenses, switches, modulators, and interferometers.
R. P. Kenan, R. P. Kenan, D. W. Vahey, D. W. Vahey, N. F. Hartman, N. F. Hartman, V. E. Wood, V. E. Wood, C. M. Verber, C. M. Verber, } "Integrated Optics Devices Utilizing Thick Phase Gratings," Optical Engineering 15(1), 150112 (1 February 1976). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971899 . Submission:


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