1 February 1976 High-Speed Profile Measurement with Electro-Optics
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A high-speed profile monitor has been developed for Frank-ford Arsenal as an integral part of an automatic 5.56 mm cartridge case ammunition inspection system. This profile gaging monitor uses a dual measurement station each with solid state linear diode arrays and shadow-imaging optics to achieve a throughput rate that exceeds 1200 cases/minute with a diameter measurement standard deviation better than ± 1.5 x 10-3 inch. Fourteen diameters and two lengths are measured on each cartridge case by separate gaging stations. Length measurements use a snapshot-type optical system while diameter measurements require both image tracking of the case shadow and scanning operation to get the diameter measurements from two diode array elements. A mini-computer with a direct memory input from the gaging stations provides an engineering unit conversion from the gaging stations and a dynamic accept/reject decision based on minimum accept and maximum accept limits.
F. R. Reich, F. R. Reich, W. J. Coleman, W. J. Coleman, } "High-Speed Profile Measurement with Electro-Optics," Optical Engineering 15(1), 150144 (1 February 1976). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971906 . Submission:

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