1 April 1976 Optics for Laser Scanning
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In order to obtain an optimum design for a laser scan lens, the unique operating characteristics of this type of system must be taken into consideration. This paper discusses various system parameters as they pertain to the design and performance of laser scan lenses. Formulae are given which define the spot size for various conditions of pupil illumination. A figure of merit is provided based on the number of resolvable spots/scan length and is shown to be proportional to scan angle and pupil aperture. Fundamental lens system,configurations based on thin lens approximations are presented and various possible solutions explored. This is followed by specific examples of scan lens designs.
R E. Hopkins, M. J. Buzawa, "Optics for Laser Scanning," Optical Engineering 15(2), 150290 (1 April 1976). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971925 . Submission:

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